It is with much regret that we mark the death of our good friend Toby Boulesteix. He was 41.

Toby fenced for many years in Plymouth before moving to London to pursue his career in landscape architecture.

He was a pleasure to fence with and always good company at the pub afterward.

My memories of Toby included the famous Derwent Hotel incident when he inadvertently set the fire alarm off at one in the morning. Some guests did not see the funny side – WE DID!

Then there was the evening when we went on to Woods Nightclub after a fencing meal – Toby and me in our suits – everyone else there was ‘punks’, safety pins and Mohican hairdos.

I am glad Toby succeeded in achieving some of those hopes and aspirations he would talk about as I gave him a lift home after fencing club. We can only imagine what he might have achieved and the fun he would have shared if he had been with us longer.